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therapy, and some strange circle of hell

Weekend before last was another short trip to Baraboo - headed up after work on Friday and came home Saturday evening.  In between Z and I made good progress clearing the brush and trees from the not-yet-orchard.  Taking down a tree using saw and axe is quite therapeutic.  Most of the trees were dead or half-dead.  We left stumps that are 4 or 5 feet high, because they might be useful as fenceposts, and anyway bits of dead tree are cool.

My arms ached for a couple days, but it was good.

Back in cubicle-world, I continue to run the risk of over-seething.  I am still trying to convince the right people that the changes I've made are necessary, well thought-out, and properly reviewed.  I am currently being thwarted by one person, who says they couldn't possibly test my changes, because I had the audacity to fix the entire system rather than just the specific case described in the defect, and in fact I must back out all of my inappropriately ambitious changes.  I've offered to do the testing for them, but have gotten no response.  This particular battle, on one front or another, has been dragging on since just after Christmas.  The change is nowhere near complicated enough to warrant this much time and effort.

I put my foot down - refused to back out the changes and re-introduce dozens of errors into the system - and made sure both bosses knew.  Boss-of-boss got into the mix too, and I appear to have all three on my side.  But as yet there is no official word on whether the changes will stay.  Likely there won't be until I kick the email thread again.

So while they screw around with...whatever the heck it is they're trying to do or prove, I'm going to locate the appropriate data and get the needed test results.  This too is harder than it should be, because I'll have to go foraging in another team's test results.  The battle to get a functional testing environment has been going on for years.

If you're an IS person, you'll understand how...icky...it is to be told to make changes and hand them off without unit testing.


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Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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