ersatz_read (ersatz_read) wrote,

"emaelstrom" should be a word...

...well, it's a word in urbandictionary, but that doesn't quite count.  And neither definition there conveys its business-related context:  when you reply-all with a question or concern and the thread forks a few times and a bunch of people are added to the thread.  And you spend the rest of the day/week trying to get a reply in at the right time, to the right people, to prevent even further confusion and re-emailing. 

Eventually, someone will set up a meeting, because they know that's the solution to these things.  Except half the time it isn't, because the wrong people are on the call or the wrong information is available.  (If you don't know the answer then stop speculating and look it up!)  Often, the same thread will spring up again a week later and more urgently than before, like an infection that didn't get the full course of antibiotics.

You actually do care about the discussion, but you probably needed a reply today about one specific thing that has since been buried in the thread.  And with each subsequent reply-all you care a little bit less, and you hate that your work ethic is being damaged by your own good intentions.  And tomorrow, you will stupidly do it all again. 
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