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a little therapy

The plan was to leave work noonish on Friday...due a combo of server slowness and a request/demand for manual investigation of 11,000 customer mapping discrepancies, it was 4:30 before I managed to bolt for the door.  I stocked up on Indian food before heading for the hills of Baraboo. 

Z's house is an excellent retreat, and not just because it has no internet and no television.  Z politely listened to my babbling, slightly drunken complaints for most of the evening.  The next day we wandered around her woodlands, blazing trails, discussing options for invasive species eradication, and looking for trees that might work for rope-assisted tree-climbing.

The afternoon was spent in Baraboo proper.  We ate lunch at Little Village Cafe - goat cheese baked with roasted garlic, peppers, capers, and olive oil, with a basket of warm sourdough, and that was just the appetizer. 
At Habitat ReStore we gawked at a player piano and a stairway lift chair.  They had a stack of pull-down projector screens for $3 each.  I should be able to do much of what I want to do in the basement and in the sunroom using only cabinets and doors from ReStore.
Then we had a park&stroll at Devil's Lake - in winter the rocks stand out even more than in summer, and it's properly quiet without all the summer beach activity.  I got my 2013 state park sticker, which I've found makes me feel a little more hopeful about the year's prospects.  We witnessed a bit of a thaw:  branches suddenly springing up from the snowpack that had been bending them over.  We also saw a squirrel inspecting a raccoon carcass underneath the big bat house.
At Farm&Fleet Z got an axe, while I got a powder-actuated fastening tool for $20, plus a box of the low-velocity .22 caliber loads that power it, plus a box of 2x4-to-concrete nails.  It's basically a low-tech gun barrel mod:  you load a nail in the front and hit the back with a hammer.  It should do the trick for the basement work, while leaving me money for ReStore screen doors and cabinets.

In the last light back at the house, we tried out Z's axe.  Hitting something with intent can be very therapeutic.

It was a short break for me - a beneficial 26 hours.  I arrived home last night while the cold front was barreling through.  The idea is that today I will use my revived mojo to get some things done.  I reality, I'm still drinking morning coffee, but I do feel pretty good about the day.  Tomorrow's past-due tasks and 11 hours of overlapping meetings can wait until tomorrow. 
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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