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end of the work-year

I finished my work-year at 5:40pm; the rest of the stuff on my to-do list can rot until Wednesday.

Among other things, I turned in my annual self-eval today.  Last year I praised subversion as a coping mechanism for frustrating situations; this year I warned against the net-negative effects of overtime.  I also made sure to list the many useful things I had done.  I'm not all that comfortable with the self-praise thing, but I've learned that one can't expect the bosses to actually notice, understand, and remember what I've done.

I did at least 214 hours of overtime this year.  Probably more - I've gotten the impression that I undercount hours, compared to others.  It works out to over 5 weeks of skilled labor the company got for free.  I work far less overtime than many people, but I'm old enough now to not respect or admire them for doing that, and I have issues with a company that encourages such behavior (one coworker was praised for working while he had pneumonia).  I.S. has an unfortunate history of one-upsmanship, with people feeling proud of long hours - not because of what they were accomplishing but because of how much abuse they were able to take.  I did more unpaid overtime than vacation - so I kind of got no vacation.  That doesn't feel right.

Anyway.  I should step away from the work rants for a few days.  #1 on the weekend agenda is to sleep in.  The elaborate plans for this weekend finally collapsed today under the weight of people's busy social calendars and/or flu-like symptoms.  There's still a long list of things to do, but they're no longer wedged in to a rigid schedule that left Jan. 1 as my only chance for a good long sleep.

A while back I'd made the wild claim that I could finish the first draft of The Bone Path by the end of 2012.  I have three more days, but I'd say it's pretty unlikely I will meet that goal.  The story is still very much alive, and I will keep plugging away.  Writing drives me sane, and I should spend more time doing it.

EoY adminstrative tasks have been completed:  property taxes have been paid, a small gift of company stock has been cashed out (I don't like holding on to company stock:  I know too much), and a few more donations were made, because I feel I've been lax so far this year.  The National Alliance to End Homelessness got a bit of money, not just because of my brother but yeah, that was part of it.

Speaking of non-profits, endangered species condoms are a great idea.  I keep picturing them packaged with some endangered species chocolate - and maybe a bottle of fair trade wine - as some sort of green date-pack.

At some point this weekend there will be a little gaming and socializing.  And I will kill that scary huge hubbard squash and make a big vat of soup.  And I think I will defrost a brick or two of the red onion and roasted garlic sauce; that should work well on pork loin, with a bit of sage.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

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