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corset, reality

Despite luggage-packing fails, rotary-cutter injuries, and a bleary-eyed drive to the hotel (at 6pm on a Thursday), Teslacon was fun.  I missed a lot of things I'd intended to go to, but the company was excellent.  I only made it to one panel, but it was a good one, on lesser-known great women of the Victorian era.

Head-injury D let me filigree his head (rubber stamp and copper stamp pad).  The skirt I made for C. turned out very well:  it fit nicely and was even hemmed to the right length.  The new corset, with brass piano hinge busk (an acual piano hinge from Menards), was a success (although I did need a crescent wrench and a Phillips screwdriver to get into and out of it).  The ball had a proper and lovely brass band.  The "steerage ball" ran until sometime after 3am; I danced and generally looked like a fool, yet did not feel foolish. 

I purchased half a dozen sheets of wooden cogs, destined - at some future date - for some cool interactive wall-mount playground.  For now and a fair chunk of the future, I will experiment with configurations.

Z's new outfits, which she made from modified segments of a Goodwill wedding dress find, were lovely.  Unfortunately, her dog's delicate stomach decided to act up again this weekend, and Z's Teslacon weekend was cut short to go home and deal with all that.

We plan to go again next year (already have tickets), and plan - as usual - to prepare more and do more and see more.

Today it was back to the salt mines.  While I was out (two days!), my priorities and tasks were again altered without asking for any input from me or similarly-afflicted teammate.  My ultimate fate/position within the company is even more confusing than before. 


Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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