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I'll be needing seven cufflinks...

I have many SCA friends, and it's always seemed like I should get involved in it because of that, but...it just wasn't me.  Despite the swordplay.  There are kind of a lot of restrictions (on the clothing and such - I'm fine with restrictions on swordplay), and I'd want to be respectful of the mood they're trying to set, so I'd try to adhere to the restrictions...but they'd chafe. 

Meanwhile, there's also been discussion of steampunk, a genre that is very accommodating of non-conformity.  And there's been communal drooling over a gorgeous steampunk-mod laptop.  And I have a desire to be nudged more geek-wards again.  And there's a steampunk con in Madison in November.  And I'm not the only one of my friends interested in attending.

Well, enough little nudges accumulated to finally trip the trigger.  I appear to be joining steampunk fandom.  In a more official capacity than just scavenging copies of The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne.  It suits my mood.  That's always been true, but for much of the past I've been a bit cagey about it.  One of my goals is to be less cagey about who I am when I'm not with/for someone else.  I find myself untethered to any other humans for the first time in...decades, really.  It's time to explore the cage-free lifestyle.

Sorry, got off track there for a minute.  Suffice to say there are psychological reasons why steampunk appeals so at this particular time.  However, it has always appealed, regardless. 

I tend to obsess about things, especially when starting out.  Rather than do nothing at all, I'm trying to favor the healthier obsessions.  Gardening, for example.  Steampunk, I think, counts as a healthy obsession.  It's pro strong-character, pro self-expression, pro-science, pro-reuse&recycle.  It's anti-...um, not much, actually.

Z. and I are getting together for a "steampunk scheming soiree", probably this weekend.  I've combed the far reaches of the closet, made a few crude line drawings, and have come up with a clothing plan that I think is within my sewing skill level.  And I already have an astrolabe necklace.   

There's certainly a trip to American Science & Surplus in our near future.  Yay!


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