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making soup with Joan of Arc

Triaged the chores yesterday, then cleaned the entryway and did some stopgap work on the RO system leak.  Then groceries, and gaming with housemate and head-injury D.  We played Through the Ages.  It's a game full of things:  lots to think about.  I was doing well with Joan of Arc giving military strength from happiness points, and St. Peter's Basilica doubling my happiness points.  But I should have used those early turns better as far as improving my position:  I needed more agriculture so I could get more workers onto the board, and a proper military that wasn't based on the accumulation of smiley faces.  Joan of Arc was an early-age leader, so she went away halfway through the game, and then someone tore down St. Peter's.  Just before the final turn I was able to shore things up, defense-wise; I still lost, but I thwarted a final picking-over of my carcass and ended within sight-distance of the winners.

Anyway, it's the sort of game that will be different and interesting every time, so I'm eager to play again. 

And I was the only player making soup between turns.  It was easy soup, though:  squash-gouda.  Bake the squash, throw a fistful of coarsely chopped shallots into some homemade veg. broth and get everything simmering, add the cooked squash and heat through, puree with immersion blender, then add apple cider, then add turmeric and garam masala; when bubbly add cubed ham, when the ham's warmed through stir in plenty of cubed gouda, and keep stirring until it's completely incorporated.  With the ham and cheese, it didn't need any added salt.  We ate almost the whole batch.  I'll make it again; it's a good autumn soup.

My car window froze shut today.  Ah, late fall in Wisconsin....
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