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Went to rascal-house yesterday and helped friends out with a few things.  Sometimes, there isn't much one can do for a difficult situation...so you do what you can, even if it's little stuff.  I "fixed" the front door (all that was needed was to install a new pneumatic closer-thingy, and the brackets were still there from the old one, so that took seconds once I ignored all the directions about how to install the brackets in the right places).  And I "fixed" the dishwasher (it was nowhere near level, and the door was sticking); no plumbing work involved, just leveling and securing and such.  Because the countertop is just a tiny bit not level, and because the dishwasher is very nearly too tall for the hole, closing the door means a firm rap on the upper-right corner.  But it runs, and the dishrack doesn't keep falling out.  I should warn them to watch for leaks - if a dishwasher isn't used for a while, the gasket can get leaky; if it does then I can "fix" that too. 

Then we emptied 4 bookshelves, moved them to the living room, and re-loaded them.  It makes the old room look bigger without making the new room look smaller.  Since the bookshelves are now behind the futon-sofa, it's not immediate to get to the bottom shelves, but the stuff on those shelves doesn't get used much.

Then pizza, then a quick try-on of some of the Teslacon sewing.  Size-wise, pretty good, and now I have enough data to be able to finish them.  Friend tried on the full outfit - full-length skirt (based on this 1895 walking skirt pattern) in a rich tapestry-look fabric, with a nice-fitting soft dark green tank top with a lace pattern that matches the shapes on the fabric, and a lightweight short-sleeved knit jacket.  It looks quite sharp.  The short skirt that I made on a whim - when I ran across clearance fabric of tan linen topped with black velvet filigree (you heard me) - also looks good; I'll make that adjustable so whoever feels like it can wear it.  And the two skirts I got on clearance work perfectly as underskirts for the above.  So, that's all going quite well.  Now if only I had another month or two to finish them....

I suspect no sewing today.  Should see about finishing the needed pre-snow yardwork, as there are rumors of snow tonight.  And the RO system in the basement is leaking.  And to get the damp stuff out of the basement, I need to clear the entryway first (which anyway usually needs to be done before winter when it gets full of boots and shovels and birdseed and such).  And I need to do dishes, and there was a bunch of other stuff on the list.

Tomorrow will be a long day:  the deadlines keep getting more urgently pushed at us, and I need to call Mom's new cancer hospital and maybe also her old one and her GP because someone in that train is not passing along needed medical records, and her new hospital isn't doing anything about it. 

Tomorrow I'm also having dinner with one of the consultants.  She can be quite abrasive (although not nearly so much lately, and not once you get to know her and prove to her that you're not an idiot) so she gets ostracized.  But she's stuck here for years, and her kids are on the other side of the globe, and she works ridiculously long hours...it's gotta be tough.  I'm usually drawn to the people on the fringes; they usually have more to offer than people think.

Housemate and head-injury D want to game this afternoon.  I'd like to too, but the basement leak will need to come first - that bucket is only a temporary solution.  There's leftover turkey stew, but I'd like to also bake up another squash and make squash-gouda soup.  Which reminds me - also need a grocery run:  apple cider for the soup, maybe a loaf of that good roasted garlic bread, plus I am 100% out of acceptable breakfast foods.

In other words, time to back away from the internet, make a pot of the good coffee, and get moving.


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