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...which is fine.  We'll see if the trend continues.

Last weekend Z and I took Mom up to Baraboo.  We took in a bit of the Fall Art Tour, Fermentation Fest, and the Museum of Minerals & Crystals.  The museum looks iffy from the outside, but the collection is impressive, well worth the price of admission.  At Wild Bird Barn I got some improved bird-deterrent window clings; if they work well then I'll see if I can order them by the case online or something.

Artist Steven Spiro was kind enough to let us see inside his actual house (to view alternate wood choices for a piece Z was considering); it is quite possibly the most beautiful home I've ever seen.  It's a snug little place filled with warm wood, with a stunning view at the end of what must be an old logging road.  There's a flagstone path to the door, and inside the door is a stone-and-glass-bead section of floor, followed by wood with inlay.  The stair railing to the loft is his own style:  like polished sturdy twigs.  Nearly everything seems to be hand-built by him:  the coat closet, the dining room table, the cabinetry, the disk of inlaid wood at the peak of the dome in the main room....  And I have no idea how they managed to get that house built on that inaccessible hillside while keeping the area around it thoroughly wooded. 

Today was the last CSA box of the year - three more squash to add to my burgeoning collection.  It was a rough year for CSAs; many of the onions in today's box had begun to rot, but everything else was good.

My submission to Wisconsin Life's ghost story contest did not make the cut.  Maybe because I don't really do ghost stories - I wouldn't have entered if I didn't already have a story that I wanted to write.  That story seemed a good match - except no ghosts, so I changed the ending.  I might return to the original ending, drop the word-count restriction, and re-submit somewhere else.

Work is...*sigh*.  I fix what I can, and tilt at a chosen windmill or two each week.  A couple of weeks ago we had a big gripe-session meeting, where the higher-ups compiled 12 pages of "what's wrong" comments from us - just the comments, no context, so I expect a number of them to be misinterpreted.  For the most part, the response to the comments appears to be the usual:  the implication that most of our problems stem from us not trying hard enough to fix our own problems, which simultaneously feels like an insult and a thinly-veiled threat.

My winter hatch-battening is behind schedule, I think.  Weekend before last was too wet for much of anything, and last weekend I wasn't home.  This weekend at least part of a day is for a birthday party, possibly likewise the next weekend.  And the election...I'm looking for a volunteer opportunity transporting people to polling places or something.  Might travel for Thanksgiving.  And right after Thanksgiving is Teslacon, and I have a minimum of two outfits (one for me, one for a friend) to finish by then.  And then - if not before - winter will likely be upon us.

Tomorrow I re-re-re-re-re-explain to the PM why CR approval is required for a particular task.  And I try to fix something for Thursday - same work 4 times over, for 4 different environments - when I still haven't tracked down what exactly needs fixing.  But tonight there's squash, and stuffed green and poblano peppers, and Picasso waiting to share my pillow.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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