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since the last post I...

  • went to friend's house near Baraboo for part of a weekend...dug holes and set twenty fenceposts for a dog run, but did not get much writing done.  The ground was very soft, so the digging went fast.  But I was stupid and wore shorts into a poison ivy zone.  There is a "poison ivy wash" one can get at Walgreen's...$34/tube, but it really does remove the offending oils; it eliminates the cause of the reaction, rather than just treating the effects.
  • learned how to troubleshoot, clean, and re-pressurize the ancient-but-very-serviceable 4-filter RO drinking water system.  Which I thought was a 3-filter system until I removed the top cover (good thing I ordered an extra set of filters).  Note to self:  Menards and HD know nothing about RO systems - which is not surprising - but they also carry nothing, except complete RO-in-a-box setups.  (What, no one who buys those ever needs replacement parts?)  Ace hardware knew what I was talking about and carried everything I needed, including the 20psi tire gauge.
  • converted the study into a pre-Teslacon sewing room.  This involved moving books, so it was a lengthy process, as I had to stop and read things every few minutes.
  • had a concussed Flicker woodpecker rest on my hand for twenty minutes, then rest on a tree for another two hours (still so logy that she let me stroke her back), then finally fly away without any visible difficulty - much to my relief.  Gorgeous bird.
  • harvested tender veg before the slightly-early frost.  Squash, tomatoes, and peppers are in, but still need to dig up the potatoes. 
  • mostly kept up with the CSA boxes.  Continued to fill freezer.
  • began the process of removing mice from my wall.
  • put in too many hours at the day job, including a trip to Chicago.  It's frustrating:  in the distance we can just see the possibility of doing this project right, but we will never have the time or the people to get there.
  • had a 6.5-hour power outage.  It's just plain embarrassing how useless I am at night without any personal electronics.  Also, since I have my own well, a power outage means no water:  no pump.
  • had multiple dinners with friends, including a fine meal at Orient House; I had bean curd homestyle, which was great, but the tea was weak.  When sufficient food was cleared away, people played Dominion using the giant dim sum lazy susan in the center of the table.
I meant to do a longer post on the Saga of the RO System, but never got around to it.  I did at least gain a colorful diagram of my RO system and its surprising abundance of checkvalves.  Also, I strongly suspect that one of the filters (the only one I didn't replace...) was installed backward by the previous owner.  Which I think means it's not being used at all.  Weird.
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