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vegan pasta 3-way...

Much cooking yesterday afternoon, but the results turned out pretty well.

I made 3 pasta sauces (or just "sauces", or soups...whatever):  tomatillo-cucumber with cannellini beans, summer squash, black bean, and tomato primavera, and a red onion and roasted garlic sauce.

The immersion blender was indispensable for the tomatillo and the red onion sauces.  All three turned out pretty well, IMO.
I also dug out the FoodSaver and vacuum-sealed a bunch of things so I could get my Gladwares back (I freeze in those, then slip the food-brick into a FoodSaver for longer-term storage; there's usually enough room at the top of the bag to place a scrap of paper with the food description and date, then do a second seal across the top of the bag to hold in the label).

I also fresh-pickled some veg (carrot, onion, cucumber, and green pepper, all slice thin and pretty), in Mom's standard vinegar-sugar-oil pickle, with some Japanese chile seasoning for kick.

Tomatillo-Cucumber Sauce
onions, tomatillos, cucumbers, thyme (dried leaves), turmeric, fenugreek, file powder, pepper, salt, fresh parsley, cannellini beans, thin-sliced (mostly seeded) jalapenos.
Cook the onions in oil, add tomatillos and cook, add (seeded and skinned) cucumbers and cook, add water and puree with the immersion blender, then add spices (except file powder) to taste, and cannellini, chopped parsley, and jalapenos.  Simmer until mostly done, then add file powder and finish.  I added a fair bit of turmeric, because the soup had gained a lot of color and my spoon was very yellow.

Summer Squash, Black Bean, and Tomato Primavera
onions, summer squash (cubed), black beans, roma tomatoes (cubed), salt, cumin, ancho powder, mild yellow chiles
I cut the onions larger for this, and got them half-carmelized before adding the summer squash.  I tried to cut everything to look nice, actually, and to be complementary sizes, because this one wasn't getting pureed.  Once the squash was soft, I added the black beans, then seasonings.  When mostly done, added the tomatoes and cooked just barely long enough for them to warm through:  wanted them to stay whole and fresh-tasting, which they did.

Red Onion and Roasted Garlic sauce
red onions (lots), roasted garlic (lots), a couple of carrots (because I had them to use up), salt, garam masala
Chop the onions fine, then cook in oil until starting to carmelize.  Microwave the carrots until cooked, then add to the onions, along with water, and simmer until carrots are very soft.  Puree with immersion blender - the result looks like applesauce - kind of pink.  Add roasted garlic and puree some more.  Add salt and garam masala to taste.
This one needed...something...which is why I added garam masala.  I think that works.  It's a good sauce; I'm just not sure of the best use for it.  I suspect it would work very well as a sauce over chicken or pork.

Still a ton of beans to snap-blanch-freeze (mostly yellow wax beans, a combo of my garden, the CSA box, and a local farmer's market); I'll vacuum-seal those for Mom - she likes the yellow beans.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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