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CSA box, week #1, and happy cherry overload

This first CSA box had lettuce.  Lots of lettuce.  And two boxes of strawberries.
And garlic scapes, scallions, basil, cilantro, mint, spinach, and chard. 

So, a lot of greens.  Not a problem:  I don't grow lettuce myself, and my own spinach is starting to bolt, so there's no overlap with my own garden.  Actually, I have just-big-enough carrots in the garden, and still a couple of radishes, so I can jazz up the salad a bit.  Chopped up some onion and poblano to go with the salad as well.  Dinner was a big bowl of salad, topped with cotija cheese and the last of the weekend's medley of fried potatoes with steamed garden veg.

I threw reason to the wind and made a pesto using the scapes, basil, and cilantro, along with ground walnuts, cotija cheese, one poblano pepper, and olive oil.  Actually pretty decent.  I'll plan to use that on pasta with lentil balls later in the week; it's a big batch so I'll probably freeze some.

Tomorrow I'll use up the milk and a few other things to make a savory bread pudding.  That's clear-out-the-leftovers cooking, not CSA cooking, but it will provide the stick-to-ribs quality that big bowls of lettuce often lack.

The strawberries that didn't go directly into my mouth are mostly destined for pie.  I made a sour cherry pie last night (gloriously tart, and my crust turned out well), and there are some cherries left, so I think a cherry-berry pie. 

Also on the cooking/baking list is a mulberry-nut pound cake or quick bread.  And I'm hoping to make some freezer jam using the fruits&juices I pulled out of the freezer while defrosting it.

And there's a quart jar of rumtopf started, with cherries and strawberries.

I also started a small vat of cherry wine last night.  Apparently Mom just started a batch of strawberry wine.  We're both doing it old school: equal parts juice, water, and sugar, in a clean bowl covered with a clean cloth; keep skimming it until it stops foaming, then bottle it. 

The Los Abuelos farmers have 28 people getting CSA boxes from them this year.  At $550 a pop (assuming all full shares), that's really not much profit at all.  And all that extra work to box things up and get it to two delivery points each week.  They have tables at farmer's markets too, and I think some regular grocery store customers.  I wonder if it's really worth the extra effort for them, considering the marginal extra profit. 
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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