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belated post-trivia post

So, last weekend was the UWSP trivia contest.  This is a fundraiser for the local college radio station, and a Big Deal in Stevens Point.  It runs non-stop from Friday 6pm to Sunday midnight.  Roughly, you have the length of two songs to call in an answer; the number of teams calling in the correct answer determines the point value of the question.  It's mostly pop trivia, not "useful" trivia:  movies, television, music, commercials, etc.

You can do online searches (if you have enough time), so that makes it a very different contest from the old days.  Back then, you either knew the answer, had just the right book, or shrugged your shoulders and went back to playing Titan or whatever was up at the time.  I didn't really join the team until the internet was in play (I was in California until 1999 or so).  But my Google-fu is pretty decent, and since they rarely ask gardening questions that's about all I can bring to the team. 

Housemate brings kringle, and a hefty knowledge of music and Old Time Radio.  Head-injury D brings knowledge of movies, knowledge of sports, and an almost fanatical devotion to the answer-search.  Others handle Trivia Stone, which is a sort of scavenger hunt through the streets of SP.  And we now have gracious hosts who house us in Mosinee for the weekend, and feed us real and excellent food; this year there was delicious home-smoked fish.

Our team in total is roughly a dozen people; more at some points and less at others.  I usually sleep once for about 5 hours, around Saturday afternoon.  We mostly get along...emphasis on the "mostly", but I shouldn't elaborate here.  Despite the seemingly-inevitable rough patches, there's plenty of entertainment.

Our team (named Fistful of Otters this year) came in 53rd out of about 388 teams.  This is roughly the same as we did last year:  last year we were 55th, but there were 395 teams.  We did get our first 500-point question (500 points means we were the only team to answer correctly); it was a tag-team Google effort, with a bit of luck thrown in.

For me, it's not about the trivia or the score; it's about wanting my friends to have a good time, and wanting to spend time with them.  And about proving to myself that I can still endure the more marathon-like aspects of the weekend.

I had a new catsitter for this trip.  She worked out well.  She's a trained vet tech, so the quirks of my animals were no big deal for her.  And Picasso liked her enough to be petted and pilled, so that's huge.


Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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