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family update, etc.

Brother who formerly lived on the street is now in an apartment, and getting veteran benefits and such.  And, he called me and we talked for a while.  He's...well, he's an alcoholic, and there have been drugs too from time to time, and talking with him is always a little confusing.  He has his own special logic that he applies to the world, even when he's clean&sober. 

But he's also an avid reader, and asked me whether or not they'd found faster-than-light particles - referring to a study from last September (they didn't, but it took them a while to sort it out).  I'll send him a letter, and will include an article on the faster-than-light thing.

Mom's current medication (Xeloda) is so far working well.  And is covered by Medicare.  Mom seems perky, and is tolerating the med fairly well.  Brother-in-town is still not doing his part - Mom can go a week or more without hearing from him, even though he's her main go-to person if she needs something.  I told Mom I'd try to do something about that...what I can, anyway, which isn't a whole lot; it might help for a while but past experience implies that it's unlikely to stick.

Mom still has incurable cancer - that won't change - but for now she's perky and able, and the whole should-Mom-move discussion has been put to bed for the foreseeable future.  If she continues to tolerate this medication, then we could have an all-around easing of family-related stresses for a couple of months at least.

Had a nice lunch with Mom and eldest brother, on Mayo app't day.  Then took a wending, therapeutic route home, through the hills near Wildcat mountain.  I passed many Amish buggies, descended into many rocky ravines, and saw two caves (on private land, so no investigating).  The I-90 rest stop in Wisconsin just before La Crosse has a little trail along a backwater of the Mississippi; it's an excellent place to stretch one's legs.


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