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the cold snap arrives,

briefly, at least.  Apparently it did get down to freezing last night.  But I saw no signs of frost this morning.  I suspect the ground was warm enough to maintain a higher temperature at ground level, for the six hours or so before the sun was back up to warm things.  But tonight will also be chilly, and again later this week.  Still average or above-average temperatures.  I've turned the heat back on, since the house was in the mid-50s when I got home:  that's good sleeping weather but not as good for sitting still in front of a computer.

The vegetable garden should be fine - so far everything that's been planted is pretty hardy.  Some plants will bolt after a prolonged period of below-40 nights, but I think we'll stay warm enough to avoid that.

The fruit trees look fine for now, but some are more sensitive than others.  As much as I love the sour cherries, I'd take a year without fruit if it broke the cycle for the brown rot (it overwinters on dropped fruit and or mummy fruits left on the tree).  I could groom the tree and clear the ground underneath it myself, but I did not get around to that last year, so my best option for this year is careful monitoring/culling of the new fruit.

I went house-hunting with Z. and K. yesterday, down in Green county's hills and rocky outcroppings.  For Z., not for me.  But I did offer to live quietly in a hovel on a hillside, and to use her kitchen to cook&bake.  We came back without morels (still too early) but with a few ticks.  Likely, the cold weather will have little effect on the tick population.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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