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...Actually, no, it means defending that person's right to do stuff you don't like.

Because Mom's cancer has progressed, the multi-sibling discussion of whether/when/where she should move has resurfaced.  Oh joy.  I think youngest brother has yet to fully grasp the gravity of Mom's situation.  Meanwhile, eldest brother speaks in decisions and ultimata, and backs them with dire warnings. 

The reality - such as it matters to Mom - is somewhere in between.  She's dying and she knows it (as much as any of us can grasp the immutability of a terminal diagnosis), but for now she's mobile and mostly pain-free.  She doesn't care much about the nature of the impending last few months of her life, except that she hopes they're brief.

What is so difficult about letting a woman make her own decisions and her own mistakes for her last few months of independent life?  No matter what we decide, there is going to be a period of time that will suck; and the convenience of having Mom close to one sibling or the other will be way less important than it seems now. 

Eldest brother is the current bur under my saddle, but youngest brother's inability (so far) to step up and be there for Mom is the reason the discussion started.  I am getting so very tired of trying to wrap my brain around their points of view long enough to have civil conversations.

I hope it's good, above-freezing weather this weekend, so I can burn away some of my deep frustration by digging holes in the yard.


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