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birthday, etc.

For my birthday yesterday, I took a proper vacation day and hung out at home:  no trips to Mayo, no family visits...okay, I did check work email - twice - but only very briefly.  And I did laundry, and dishes, and I vacuumed...but it was still a vacation day:  it was Mine.

I was off Thursday and Friday last week, too, but that was a snowy drive to Mom's, followed by more driving, stress, and family discussion.  My hatred of our health insurance system deepens with every new med prescribed to Mom:  how could a sick person without a helper ever predict the true financial burden of a treatment?  It looks like the new meds will be fully covered, rather than $1000-$1500/week...but we won't feel entirely certain until we see a bill where the balance due is zero.

Anyway.  Sunday was Happy Seed Catalog Day, an informal spring-fever gathering in the basement library at Boerner Botanical Gardens.  My friends gave me birthday gifts while I was there:  a lovely mug from...a local potter whose website link is buried in the work email somewhere, a curved plaque depicting a scene from this Vaphio cup, and a reproduction of this double inkwell.

My friends are cool, and know my tastes well.  After a pleasant day browsing and chatting at the library, we went to "surly waiter" Mexican restaurant; I had seafood in a tequila cream sauce.

Today it was back to work, sort of:  an all-day offsite meeting.  We spent much of the day listening to the usual managerial glossy optimism about the latest set of fuzzy goals (you know: "working smarter").  But we did have two longer breaks to actually talk to people we rarely see.  I had actual useful conversations on two long-standing issues, and I made a new acquaintance on the test team - we agreed to be each others' contacts for questions.  So, that was good.

Tonight, I call Mom to see how the new meds are going.  I hear she caught a cold - that is unfortunate.
Then, some therapy/experiment cooking, to feed me for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow, it's back to the salt mines proper.  So it goes.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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