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a well-spent, well-fed evening

Friday was head-injury D's birthday.  After extracting myself from work, I met him at Yue-Wah, where I spent half my allotted cash for the evening.  It was (mostly) legitimate groceries, though:  a 10-lb bag of brown basmati rice, cans of pigeon peas in coconut, an ataulfo mango (slightly under-ripe, though), fresh Chinese long beans, etc.  I also got some new snacks for the "war room" at work; I tire of the constant stream of Twizzlers and vanilla wafers that team lead provides, so I'm bringing in chakli, candied ginger, and sugar-coated chickpeas.

Then we went to Taj for a pleasant dinner&chat.  Methi naan, aloo naan, vegetable mango, chicken tikka masala, and masala tea.  D also got a mango lassi, and we shared an order of gulab jamun.  This used up the last of my paper money.

Next door was a Mexican grocery.  I'm a sucker for food stores, so we stopped in.  With my remaining $2 in quarters we got pan dulce.

These were all on the same street.  I like Park Street; there's also a Peruvian restaurant, and the small farmer's market where I picked up last year's CSA.

It was good to see D, just to chat for a change, rather than to boardgame.  I haven't been having regular Friday gatherings at the house lately, so I don't see people as often as I used to. 
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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