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Getting my exercise

Exercise really does clear the crud out of the joints, among other things.  I shovel my driveway by hand.  This means I get exercise, whether I feel like it or not, and it proves to me that I still can do that much work (good to know).  And, there's no snowblower to care for or to feed with gasoline - I only need to feed myself with sandwiches and Red Bull.
This week, we finally had our first proper snow of the winter:  5-ish inches of dry snow, with drifting.  But on a work night, in a week when my sleep schedule is torn to shreds, it's hard to get motivated to shovel.  Which is why I ended up doing it in the morning before work, and found that I can shovel that amount of snow from the entire driveway (including the turnaround) in about 75 minutes.

Ideally, I would have taken a full two hours.  Yesterday I ached:  not in the good muscles-will-get-stronger way, but in the bad where-muscle-attaches-to-bone way.  Water, sleep, and good food will help - there's no permanent damage.  Luckily, it wasn't the wet, heavy snow.  And otherwise, I do feel better for having stirred myself to activity.

I would like to do the math, and measure the actual square-footage and tonnage involved in clearing the driveway.  Yes, I know this sounds obsessive. 

Behind the cut is a photo of the driveway. 

That's from last winter, not this snow.  Behind the camera is an area about the size of a regular concrete entrance for a two-car garage.  At the left of the photo is the entrance to "the turnaround", about the size of two compact cars.  To the right (off-camera) are the steps to the main door of the house.
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