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new glasses

These arrived in the mail today.  Features include saddle bridge (no nosepads), which I find I like - presses less on the sinuses.  And, my beloved cable temples.  I got the frames in the satin antique bronze finish, in as large a size as was available.

The high-index lenses are very agreeable.  The frames themselves are comfortable, but clearly too narrow.  They leave grooves along the sides of my face - although even those are strangely comfortable. 

This is the first time I've ordered glasses online.  It went about as I'd expected - I found fabulous glasses at a pretty good price, but it was still difficult to find something that I could guarantee would fit my wide face.  And I never thought of myself as having high cheekbones, but they are always in the way for glasses.

In a perfect world, I would somehow look fabulous in these glasses, because I adore them.  Of course, I do not.  But I still adore them.

I'll take them to Lenscrafters or somewhere and get them adjusted as much as possible, and see what I think.  Given the level of comfort, they're worth keeping.  But I want to find a pair of saddle-bridge, cable-temple glasses in a wider size.  

Option 2 is to find a pair of regular glasses that I like and then use one of the websites that can provide or install cable temples on them.  Bit of a roundabout method, but when it comes to getting a good fit that's probably my best option.

focusers.com does not make lenses quite as strong as my prescription.  *sigh*

eyeglasses.com was good to work with.  Google does not return it as the first link, though; it's kind of buried.  The similarly-named eyeglass.com looked quite different.

ETA: Lenscrafters was able to splay the temples enough to fit my face.  The new glasses seem quite comfortable now.  Yay!  A couple of people have told me they look good on me, which is a bonus. 
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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