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thanksgiving, etc.

It was a whirlwind tour for Thanksgiving.  I left for Mom's from work on Wednesday afternoon - delayed by a stubborn desire to locate a few particular board games (the only one we played was Piece o' Cake, which eldest brother then "borrowed" to share with the college kids).  Drove Mom up to St. Paul Thursday morning, for a noon meal at my niece's. 

It was a good meal - the various family members were well-behaved.  For my part, I was a little more chatty and gregarious than usual.  That's not actually a good sign; it usually means I've been dealing with people too much - in this case, at work.  Others don't seem to mind it, but I know it's not me...it's somewhere between a facade and a parasite.

Anyway.  Seeing as I was coming from WI, I brought a cheese tray.  The sheep's-milk blue cheese was very good, and very strong.  The "sticky toffee" cheese (cheese with dates, nuts, and I think spices) was a hit with eldest brother and a definite miss with my sister.  I brought fenugreek gouda because I'm fond of it, and buffalo wing monterey jack to stand in for "normal" cheese. 

Eldest brother was taking Mom back home, and they headed out again mid-afternoon (lots of car-riding for Mom that day).  I headed out soon after, for the 5-hour drive home.  It's a long and boring stretch of road, and on top of the 3+ hours that morning and the nearly 4 hours the night before...well, I was happy to get home that night.

I took Friday off, and did not check work email.  I went to Farm&Fleet, but not during the Black Friday sales.  Leftover ham, leftover rolls, leftover cheese, 2 cans of pinto beans, 1 bag of frozen veg, and a mix of eggs, milk, and salsa made a pretty tasty casserole-style dish.

The wild birds now have a fully stocked feeder station - suet, thistle, wild bird mix, and sunflower.  Z. will hopefully get me a box or two of millet sprays to stick in the wreath I have next to the feeders - the birds seem to really enjoy that.  I like to feed the birds, but don't like to fill the feeders too early:  I want them to go south if they're supposed to, and not stop here on the mistaken assumption that I'm a reliable food source.

Yardwork and sleep were probably my main accomplishments for the rest of the weekend.  Things I don't get much of during the workweek.
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