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general statement of busy-ness

Family Traumas made last week extremely trying.  Next week will be similar.  This weekend is packing and preparing, and shoring up my wits for the impending workout.

Somewhere in there, the Santa Fe topped 200,000 miles.  Being in the boonies near Dyersville at the time, and a Futurama fan, I celebrated with the great taste of Charleston Chew.  The car had also just received an oil change and tire rotation/balance, plus a can of Seafoam in the gas tank. 

Thursday was the annual IS picnic.  It was casual and social; this year we did not have to pay for our own food, nor were we required to engage in any "team building" activities.  In accordance with tradition, I brought the volleyball and we played sand volleyball until I dropped.  All our new-hires were born about the time I graduated high school, which made for energetic games - darn kids.  After that, a couple games of Hey That's My Fish.

Yesterday I picked over the rotting carcass of the local Borders.  At 40% off I got Gisslen's Professional Baking, which reads like a chemistry lab manual (it's even published by Wiley), as well as Four Fish by Paul Greenberg.  I may go back for the Planet Earth box set; even on sale it's about $40, but I think Mom would enjoy it.

I tried my hand at beef&beet curry this week; it turned out well.  I wrote down the recipe this time, so I can re-create it at will.  Garden's still producing well, and the CSA boxes just keep coming.  Not that I'm complaining about all the tasty food, but it is a bit of work to keep up with the fresh veg.

Mom bought me a nifty Victorian-look glass carafe that sits over a little spot for a canned flame, from her local used-things store.  I looked it up online; it's Leonard silverplate, not particularly old but still pretty darn cool.  I'll need to polish it.  It looks like this.  (Scroll down to see the pic.)
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