May 8th, 2017


"Our" consultant and his wife just had their second child - yep, he's been stuck with us long enough to have two kids, with a bit of a gap in between.

I pointed out to the team that we had done gift&card for his first it seemed we should for this one too.  None of the people who used to do that sort of thing are around anymore.  People agreed we should do it so...I'm getting the card, collecting the money, and getting a gift.  Which I don't mind, but...

I had a lot of trouble choosing a card.  We know the gender of the child, but I dislike every single gender-specific card I've seen.  And all the gender-neutral cards seem to imply not knowing the gender, or not caring enough to have found out.

If I'd planned ahead more, I could have hand-crafted a card like my sister does.  But anything I did now would look cheap&nasty.

Three days seems awfully young to be saddled with gender assumptions.  Thinking, Mom did a pretty good job of letting me figure out for myself who I was.  Which is incredible for 1970s rural Iowa.

In contrast, my teachers told me "girls don't do that" when I tried ot defend myself from a bully.  There were instructors in college and grad school who assumed i couldn't properly do math or science.  Some bosses have given everyone, including me, a fair shake; others have been baldly sexist.  Most of which I responded to with bafflement, then did my own thing despite them.

Thank you, Mom.