February 26th, 2017

potential recycled boss

I'm not a big fan of hope.  It allows a person to avoid the reality of potential problems; hopeful people tend to not plan for what would happen if the thing they're hoping for doesn't come to pass.  But it's hard to not feel hopeful when presented with what seems a relatively easy way out of an unpleasant situation.

There is an opening on the team down the hall.  It looks like a reasonably good fit, and I think the pay is sufficiently similar.
It would allow me to get away from the current job without losing the benefits of no dress code, 5 weeks of vacation, a free cellphone and plan, etc.
I've been on the current team...geez, five years?  I need a change of scenery, so I can stop fixating on things that will never be altered.
I need to free up that part of my mind again; there are a lot of other things in the world that I should be spending time and energy on.

As soon as I found out about the job, I started to feel better.  Hopeful.  I talked with another ex-teammate who took refuge on that team a while back, to get a feel for what the work might be like.  We also talked about feeling like a heel for leaving the team - he felt the same way.  But the teammates I've talked to have told me to take the opportunity and get away.  And I know, I cannot save that team.  We've tried and tried....

But at the moment, it is only hope.  I've mentioned it to current boss.  Tomorrow, I meet with potential new boss.  Who used to be my boss, a long time back; we got along well.  Technically, I used to be on that team, but with the Conversion it changed beyond recognition, and the work is quite different now.  Not quite sure how they managed to get an opening posted when we can't even get the okay to fill the opening for the person we lost.  But, not complaining.

Thks week, more overtime.  Just like every week so far this year.  Most weeks over 50 hours, one week 70 hours, a couple weeks only 45 hours.  Lately, averaging 20 meeting invites a week (I don't quite get to them all).

comfort plants

In other news, I've been self-medicating by buying plants, thinking about seeds, and planning spring projects.

From Prairie Moon, I ordered a 38-plug tray of new jersey tea, shrubby st. john's wort, and late figwort.
From Edible Landscaping, 4 small pawpaws, to go under/near the pears.
From Stark, 2 Whitney crabapples and 2 hardy apricots.
I've never ordered from any of those places before, but I think will be ok.

Mom's mincemeat recipe asks for the juice from a jar of pickled Whitney crabapples.  (And yes, I also have the pickle recipe.)

The last couple of days were sleety but now it's once again sunny and above freezing.  I continue to feel like I should be starting seeds already, and planning for the growing season to start early.