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CSA box, weeks 4 and 5

Last week's box of veg got a little ahead of me, but I mostly used everything up. 

The week 5 box (this week) contained garlic, scallions, sungold tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, Mexican squash, Italian pole beans, carrots, and pepichas.  The pepichas (pipicha) is an herb, looks a bit like tarragon and supposedly tastes like strong cilantro.  Since I'm not a major fan of either tarragon or cilantro, I was suspicious.  But it's pretty good; whatever funky petroleum thing I taste in cilantro, either it isn't in pepichas or my tastebuds have changed (they do that).  It was a bit like cilantro, but with a sort of resin texture (like rosemary).

The week 4 box contained onions, garlic scapes, yellow wax beans, carrots, swiss chard, tomatillos, parsley, cucumbers, and squash blossoms.  I did not get around to using the squash blossoms - they don't keep.  The scapes still await inspiration; the pesto turned out well so maybe I'll just do a variant of that and toss it in the freezer.

Earlier this week I made "green rice":  rice with parsley, pepichas, and papalo added at the very end of cooking,
and pintos and sungold tomatoes sauteed with chopped chiles and some leftover salsa.
And Mom's vinegar-sugar coleslaw recipe, adding last week's carrots and cukes to this week's cabbage.

Thursday night I made lasagna, of a sort.  Housemate's calling it strat-o-food, to distinguish it from my more frequent vat-o-food concoctions.  Anyway, it turned out well:  lasagna noodles, zucchini cut into strips to act a bit like lasagna noodles, and a sauce made with grassfed ground beef, lentils, and tomato puree and paste, and an array of spices, plus a tub of the cilantro-and-scape pesto I made a few weeks back, plus red peppers, onions, papalo/pepichas, and tomatoes, and mozzarella to hold it all together.  Anyway, it turned out pretty good.  The spices are an odd assortment, not traditionally Italian certainly, but they all seem to be playing nice together.

The week before I harvested the tiny beans from my Siberian pea shrub, and mixed them with brown rice and a tomatillo.  Most of the rest of the meals that week were various green bean-based dishes hastily fried up.  Not that I'm complaining about having lots of green beans.

I took assorted cherry tomatoes to the vet's office Thursday when I dropped off Picasso.  And I took assorted beans to the coworkers; last week one of them gave me sweet corn and zucchini, and at the beginning of the season one of them gave me tomato plants - he had more than he could fit in the garden.  Nice coworkers make up for a lot of blech in the actual job.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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