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I've resurrected the team beverage from this year's Steven's Point trivia, the pan-galactic otter blaster:  Red Bull, Bolthouse Green Goodness, and an Airborne puck.  It was trivia 42, and we're an otter-themed team (with some daleks thrown in occasionally).  Actually, the official team beverage is a nice coffee drink, with a Ferrero Rocher hazelnut candy as an urchin-like topper.  Hey, it all makes sense if you're there and have been awake for most of the weekend.

The Airborne has a tough time dissolving in the semi-liquid.  It's hideous to look at, but actually tastes pretty decent, and is probably good for most things that could ail a person.

Speaking of needing a boost, today I ended up in Chicago - again - for a work meeting.  Didn't know for sure I was going until last night.  Had to be there by 9am, and it's a 2.5-hour drive if no traffic.  All for a two-hour meeting, then home again.

I don't mind working on this project, and I don't mind picking up slack as needed (which is what today's meeting was - the usual attendee couldn't make it).  I do get tired of the consistently inefficient way it's run.  The people who are deep in the project and really running things have been up to their armpits for years now, and are too tired to make fully-logical decisions much of the time.  Those of us on the sidelines, waiting to be handed the end result, find it difficult to be enthused.  I'm getting a little more involved, whether or not I really have permission, in part out of self-preservation.

In my garden, it's a good time of year.  Beans and potatoes on tap, so for a while I could theoretically live off the garden.  Something's eating my low-hanging tomatoes - almost certainly the thirteen-lined ground squirrels.  This is a drawback to using the cheaper chicken wire instead of the hardware cloth for my fencing:  I think the ground squirrels can get through the chicken wire.  Drat.


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