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CSA box, week 3

Beans in the box last week, plus more green garlic, young onions, and summer squash ( and I still had last week's summer squash).  Oh, and basil, purslane, and kale.

Cooking experiment #1 was a sort of Thai red curry with basil.  I added cinnamon to compensate for the fact that this was regular basil, not Thai basil.  Ingredients included green beans and a can of pigeon peas in coconut (from Yue-Wah).  It turned out well, and for once I got the rice perfect:  jasmine rice with saffron.  I bought a tiny bit of saffron years ago, and have been too stingy to use it up, but it's time.

Cooking experiment #2 was a sort of Indian yellow curry.  This one included yellow beans, onions, all that summer squash, a can of white beans, and the purslane (leaves and stems, washed and chopped).  The curry sauce was sweet-hot, the purslane is sour.  It's a really nice, unusual-to-me flavor; I like it, but it's not something I can eat in quantity.  Still, purslane might be the "gateway veg" for getting in to hard-core bitter melons.

There's always one last cook-up of whatever's left at the end of the week.  This week, I had beets, and more green garlic, and carrots.  So I made borscht.  Other ingredients in the borscht were ground celery seed, salt, vinegar, carrot pickle (just a little for depth), chickpeas, and chopped canned tomatoes.  An immersion blender works beautifully to get a nice uniform consistency without trying to pour hot soup into a blender, and it cleans up super-easy (immerse in a glass of soapy water and turn it on).
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