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CSA box, week 2...ish

I just picked up box 3 today, but it will be tomorrow before I get around to doing anything with it.

Last week's box included papalo, an herb that is new to me but definitely a keeper.  Nice sturdy leaves; so many herbs wilt as soon as you look at them.  Nice peppery flavor.  Cute little evenly-spaced marks on the leaves that look a little like tiny embedded seeds but which are apparently oil glands.  Other box items:  beets, chard, green garlic, young sweet onions, dill, cucumbers, more snap peas, and carrots.

The chard leaves can be used like cabbage leaves, to make rolls.  The filing was blackeyed peas, some leftover bread crumbs, and spices, with a layer of papalo and sliced carrot.  Pour hot water over the chard to make it just flexible enough to roll.  Remove the tough part of the stem.  I laid the rolls in a pan, covered with hot sauce, and baked.  Pretty decent.

The other primary food experiment was dill pickle chicken.  The recipe needs refining, but it has potential.  I started with a dill pickle soup recipe from allrecipes, then modified heavily.  The green garlic was too mild for this, and regular vinegar would have been better than balsamic - give it the needed kick.  But the basic idea of being able to fry a bunch of cucumbers and turn them into a main dish - this worked.

This week's box includes purslane; for me, that will be the interesting/new item.  For the most part, the other items are sturdy, well-known items that can peaceably coexist in the same frying pan along with spices and maybe beans. 

...Oh hey, another name for papalo is quillquina (or 'killi').  Porophyllum ruderale.  I tried growing that, a number of years ago - it's supposed to be very nourishing.  I might want to get some more next week and do further experimentation.
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