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Took the cats in for standard checkups this morning.  Oof:  Dory makes quiet, pitiful meeps all the way there, then hunkers down to await her presumed-terrible fate, meanwhile Picasso howls.  Both cats look to be in good shape, but both have lost weight.  Dory's getting her usual blood test for phenobarb. levels.  Picasso's getting blood test just to make sure everything's functioning within normal parameters; he is getting older and weight loss can be a sign of many things.

Once everyone was settled back home and the cats were sleeping off their traumas, I popped out for a quick tour around the Lake Mills art fair.  LM has done a nice job of keeping downtown flourishing, but with a good local feel:  friendly and welcoming, which are not qualities I associate with, for example, the small town I grew up in.  With the lake, the fine Victorian homes, and the convenient Wed afternoon farmer's market, LM really is a nice little town. 

I was tempted by the pottery from Pratt Clay Studio.  It would have been a nice gift for Mom, except she might be moving to a smaller place so clutter - even very cool clutter - is not the best gift just now.  The studio is local, so I'll see them again.  I did get a small red-painted and red-matted, artfully-arrayed Queen-Anne's lace flower - hard to describe but nice.  And a print of the kingfisher on the green branch shown here.  And a small aluminum chainmail bag, about the right size for a cellphone.  I keep thinking I could make one of my own, but obviously that won't happen any time soon.   I topped off my economy-stimulation with a mango smoothie.
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