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berry day

I celebrated July 4 by (sleeping in and) harvesting mulberries and sour cherries.  This is about the usual time for harvesting cherries.  Something's destroying the cherries, though...ah, it's brown rot.  Best first step is good sanitation - removing all the affected fruit, from both tree and ground, and keeping the area clean. 

There are plenty of mulberries, though.  But I tend to not eat many of them, because they're fiddly and not particularly flavorful. 

Yesterday I went over to Z's house and we worked on sewing projects.  Z has the front room turned into a sewing room, complete with multiple machines.  It was a pleasant day; I made good progress on the top I want to make using a red cotton batik fabric.  Dinner was at the local Thai restaurant, where I actually had a dish I didn't adore (singha beef).  I'll stick to basil-based dishes from now on.

Saturday night I cooked:  onion pie, carrot bake, baked white beans (cooked beans, gumbo frozen veg mix, jar of salsa verde), and bit-of-everything pie.  I figured if I had the oven on, I might as well make full use of it.  The pie was sour cherry juice from the 2009 harvest (frozen), 3 plums, a nectarine, 3 granny smith apples, sugar, some ginger, and some allspice, all cooked on the stove, and then I added a packet of cherry Jell-O and poured it into a baked pie crust.  It took a while to set but turned out well - nicely tart because of all the sour cherry juice.

Plenty of leftovers - just ate the last of the pie.  The next cooking session will probably be tomorrow night, after I pick up my first CSA box.  Yes, this year I have a garden and a CSA share.  If it keeps me out of restaurants and cooking fresh instead, then I figure it's worth it.  Anyway, I want to see what a CSA is like, as I entertain vague thoughts of starting my own veg-sale endeavor someday.
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