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2010 phenology recap, and belated 2011 spring notes

I moved to this new account last year, and most of my gardening history is still on the old account.  As with most moves (for me, anyway), it's months later and I still have half-unpacked boxes everywhere.

Brief 2011 phenology notes:  crocus have been up and blooming for over a week.  The one variety of species tulip just started blooming.  Close-to-house daffodils are budded but not yet blooming.  First sandhill cranes were spotted at least two weeks ago, possibly more. 

Not out of the woods yet for frost, though, so I think the traditional last-frost date of April 5 will not be met this year.

In 2010:
March 10:  Sandhill cranes
March 13-21:  crocus
March 21:  redpolls
April 5:  ramps, blue species tulips, squill, grape hyacinth, daffodils
April 11:  bloodroot, dandelion, bush cherry, lungwort, first asparagus just poking out
April 15:  first asparagus harvest,
April 28:  wetland frogs singing for dates
May 1:  primroses, sweet woodruff, lipstick-colored species tulips
July 17:  first tomato harvested
Aug. 8:  3rd generation monarch butterflies?

Garden-wise, I will be late.  I was late ordering seeds (although Baker Creek delivered my order in a mere 3 days), I'm clearly late starting things indoors, and I have a ton (literally) of digging and amending to do before I should put anything in the ground.  And today's rainy, and next weekend I won't be available for outside work...and then it's mid-April.  'Sakes.  Well, it will get done eventually.  Digging holes in the yard is good for me.

Z. and I visited Patty's Plants yesterday, at their brand-new location inside an old church.  Got velcro plant ties and a bag of spouts with an adapter so one can re-use soda bottles and such.  The coffee shop, complete with spiffy stained glass windows, was closed by the time we got there.
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