ersatz_read (ersatz_read) wrote,

new laptop

Finally.  And even a prudent and well-chosen investment, I think.  Previous laptop is quite old, by laptop standards.  And huge and unwieldy.  Still works, though, it just desperately needs a modern, fully-functional OS.  Linux is in its future, when I carve out the time for it.

The new laptop has Windows 7.  Having actually read all the way through the Micro$oft license agreement, I now feel unclean.  It's as bad as Monsanto.  But, publishers tend to prefer submissions in .doc format.  But, Office 2010 is going to be a chore to get used to.  But, there is also a little bit of work-related benefit to being familiar with all the latest stuff.  I did at least download Firefox.

Anyway, new laptop is a Samsung RV511.  Reviews were good, and it had what I was looking for:  agreeable full-size keyboard with buttons all in the right places, runs cool and quiet, reasonably priced, sufficient number and placement of USB ports and other holes, etc. 

So far, I'm pleased.  I would have liked better speakers - it is possible to get a laptop with a good sound system, it just costs.  I was having trouble with cursor-hop, but this was because I was perched in an odd position and kept nicking the touchpad with my hand I eventually figured out was because of special features on the touchpad.  It will do zoom and rotate and all sorts of cool things, but I think there's a bit of a learning curve.  I just want to be able to move around without accidentally clicking on the wrong Dominion card, so for now I've turned off most of the features.  Convenient touchpad on/off button, which I like.  Power cord's a smidge shorter than I'd like.
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