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new hat, old words

I went to Reenactor Fest yesterday.  It's a one-of-everything event, the whole spectrum of re-enactment.  I attended a lecture on German swordsmanship and another on Swiss battle tactics.  I saw a WWI soldier talking to a Roman centurion.  A lot to look at and a lot of ideas to consider.  And everyone was pleasant and polite and willing to converse and share what they did and knew.

Z. looked wonderful in her green outfit, and she found a gorgeous hat that matched it perfectly.
Much to my surprise, I also found a hat.  Usually, I ruin hats:  they look great on the rack but once on my head they turn ugly.

What I found is a chocolate brown hat with a shallow crown, a brown feather and a little bit of other trim.  I'm able to wear it centered on my head, which is actually a big thing for me (I don't like unbalance).

For the fest itself, I wore my 7-panel walking skirt in the nifty patterned fabric (quite possibly my biggest sewing success ever), a rust-colored linen shirt I'd found on the JCP clearance rack for $5, and a gray vest I'd found at Maurice's for $20.  It worked well.  The hat is roughly appropraite for mid-1800s, as are the clothes (very roughly), if I'm going for a pioneer look.  Or, more likely, a Firefly look.

Purchase #2 at the dealer's room was a new mug for work:  colorful and huge, and I can get my hand into it to clean it.

Purchase #3 I've hardly been able to put down.  It's an original issue of the Edinburgh Evening Courant, from September 28, 1776.
The smudge in the bottom right corner of my page 1 is the tax stamp.

Page 1 is a lengthy letter from JA Stodart to Bailie John Walker, which reads an awful lot like a modern flame war.
It's the "answer from his lordship" listed here.

Page 2 had the bit about Washington and Howe...there are plenty of notes about the event, and Howe not addressing Washington as "General" but just "Mr.", but I'd have to know Revolutionary War history better (or at least some) to gauge its importance

The ship Hume, advertised on page 4 for "freight or passage",
appears to have later successfully arrived in Kingston, Jamaica..
However, it might have shipwrecked in 1786.

And so on, and so forth.  Debt and death notices, sales of livestock, lottery tickets, houses for sale.
I will definitely be getting my money's worth out of this piece of paper.  I should check around and find out how best to store it.

The fest was at the Westin in Wheeling, IL.  I had a nice lunch with Z, and a nice dinner with another friend - glad it worked out to see her.  Both meals were at Tramonto's at the hotel.  The restaurant is trendy Japanese-inspired.  The food was high-quality and fresh and professionally prepared, which offset the lack of inspiration in the dishes.  It was good food, but it was good because they'd sprung for good ingredients, not because they knew how to make ingredients do new things.  And the place had that feel like it felt that being trendy was an end to itself and I should appreciate being able to eat there, regardless of the food.  Well, it's a restaurant - I came to eat.

I seem to be dissing a well-reviewed restaurant.  Don't get me wrong - I did not hesitate to order sushi there, and the fish was fresh and very good.  But the green papaya salad could have just as easily been a cucumber salad, and it wouldn't have made a difference.  The pan-seared salmon was cooked very nearly to perfection, but the lemon-arugula topper was way too acidic.  And two pieces of sashimi were topped with foam.  I've never understood the foam thing - it has no texture and usually no taste.  If they were trying to give the illusion that my sashimi had just washed up on shore, then it would take more than a dab of foam.

Anyway, I ate well, I visited with good friends, I had tons to look at, and I came home with a few cherished souvenirs.  A good day.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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