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seed catalog redux

It's been a pleasant, if inefficient, weekend so far.  Yesterday, I had two errand to run an hour apart from each other, but ended up killing the time in between by driving to another town, and then back to that town afterward to find lunch.  This from someone who prefers to leave the car in the garage all weekend. 

But at the end of all that I got a call from friends.  They showed up after SCA fighting, and we drank coffee and played Munchkin.  
Once they left, the remainder of the evening (and into the night) was consumed with seed catalogs and Amaretto-spiked tea. 

My approach to the garden seems to parallel my approach to the year in general.  This year, I'm trying to concentrate on the things that work well for me, and trying to dial back my urges to grow one of everything.  Also, there should be plenty of infrastructure repair this year.  Yep.

I have all the preferred seed catalogs spread out around me; the idea is to order most things from the primary catalogs (mainly Fedco), plus a few items from the ones where I want to stay on the mailing list and/or provide them with some business (Johnny's, Baker Creek, Territorial, Scheepers, Pinetree, Kitazawa).  Richters and Prairie Moon, although not vegetable seed catalogs, might also get orders.  Seeds are a relatively cheap hobby that will pay you back in saved groceries, but that makes it entirely too easy to justify going overboard.

So far, I'm still pondering the "bean" portion of the orders.  I know I'll want rattlesnake pole beans (as always), and one or two yellow beans for Mom.  And a purple bean , because they're cool.  And a yard-long bean would be nice, even if it's unlikely to thrive here.  And really, that's all the room I could possibly allocate without expanding the garden yet again...at which point I'd exceed what I can harvest while holding a day job.


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