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at least the year went out in style...

2010 was a trying year.  Some years, just holding steady is a result...and I am still here. 

On the plus side,
I gritted my teeth and did many things that needed to be done, I put myself in a relatively good position at work,  I have many fine and wonderful friends, and I know quite a bit more about myself than I used to.

On the minus side,
many things still remain to be done (some very impatiently), there were family dramas and traumas, there were a number of minor but aggravating afflictions, and I lost a few friends - along with a fair slice of my identity, which I am still in the process of rebuilding/replacing.

Although I had vacation on the 30th, I ended up logging in to work briefly on the 31st, to finish one final thing.
But the majority of Friday, Saturday, and today were devoted to an extended gathering of friends; I think 16 people at the peak.
Food, conversation, and gaming, in pleasing proportion.

It was a nice assortment of people, roughly from three different circles but they all got along well together.
I was able to converse with people I haven't seen much of lately. 
And I got in a bit of gaming:  Dominion, Telestrations, Power Grid, Le Havre.

Bonus, the house weathered the gathering quite well.  My pre-party housecleaning was very hurried, but it made a difference as far as things going smoothly.

The last people left today after the Packers game, and after a dinner of leftovers (possibly the world's first herring and cheddar omelet).

Am I facing the upcoming year with new-minted enthusiasm?  No, but I'm not facing it with dread, either.  2011 is already scheduled for more than a few trying days...but likely I'll still be here when they're past. 

Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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