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The journal of irreproducible baked goods

I've been obsessed with the idea of cookie baking.  Partly I wanted to bake my own cookies so I wouldn't inhale all the ones Mom sent, before houseguests got a crack at them (especially the butter-saturated homemade turtles, and the gorgeous springerle from the local bakery). 

And partly I had this idea that I could use up all the odds and ends of flours, thus clearing the freezer and pantry, thus being able to get the overflow off the countertop, and finally being able to justify a trip to Yue-Wah and elsewhere for fresh bags of strange flours.  Not that I'm a collector or anything.

It's amazing how far an armload of seemingly small bags of flour will go.  I still have plenty left, but the pile is far more manageable.  

As usual, my adherence to any given recipe was minimal.  The basic Tollhouse cookie recipe...but doubled...but a little over half the flour was non-standard (hemp seed meal, unlabeled freezer bags of what were probably amaranth flour and, um, maybe millet flour, Wisconsin hard red wheat flour I was given as a gift, and flaxseed meal)...and I used about 2/3 the recommended butter/shortening...and about half the sugars, but then I added honey and date syrup...and allspice, vanilla, and a quart of chopped trail mix (nuts, seeds, berries, and Reese's Pieces).

And then again, but with slightly less flour variety, massive quantities of cranberries and coconut in place of the trail mix, flavored with lemon extract, ginger, allspice, and maybe some other stuff, and topped with chopped cinnamon mixed nuts.   And Greek yogurt when the dough turned out too dry. 

And a third time, but with only rice flour and ground almonds, and orange extract, a little allspice,and a lot of cinnamon.  These were texturally dry, so after one batch I put the dough in the fridge to set for a day or two; maybe they'll make a good sliced cookie or something.

No huge successes here.  No total losses, either.  And I've pretty much cured myself of the cookie-baking thing.

And partly this all occurred because I cook when stressed.  Since therapy cooking is more often curries than cookies, it's a relatively good way to cope.
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