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Fanfic: "Monument"

"The Pandorica Opens" just started on BBCA, so insert random giddy grins into this attempt to post.
This episode needs attention - more than usual, even - so good thing I'll be re-watching it.

I didn't want to open with a blank LJ, so I'm posting some fanfic that has not yet made it online anywhere.

Fandom:  Doctor Who (2005)
Characters:  Ten, Donna
Rating:  G
Spoilers:  Through series 4 finale
Disclaimer:  I make no money from this, and never wish to.

Synopsis:  Episode tag for "Journey's End".


    Donna squinted at the...well actually, she couldn’t see anything.  Now that wasn’t half troubling.  “I’m sorry, but where did you say I was?”
    “Nowhere, really.  You’re an echo.  The residue of an act that reverberated throughout the universe.  I’m sorry, by the way.”  The voice prompted an image that she couldn’t quite make out.  Something about a coat....
    “And who are you again?”
    “I’m the Doctor.  You probably don’t remember me.”  His hands drifted over the console in front of him, then he shifted into abrupt animation, like someone had just inserted another coin.  “No matter.  Don’t you worry about it; don’t worry about anything.  There’s this wonderful nebula over in the Nevara Galaxy, edge of the universe.  Absolute chaos.  The wavelengths there will be just the thing; you can float on them forever.”
    “But...Doctor...I don’t think I can..oh God, I can’t feel my legs!  Why can’t I feel my legs?”  Donna’s voice began to edge toward hysteria.
    “Because they’re not here,” he answered patiently.  “Along with the rest of your body, your legs are back home with your parents.  Who have hopefully tucked all your parts into bed with your favorite moppet.  Ah, why were you born with such contemporaries?  I wondered the same thing of Oscar Wilde, when I met him.  Strange man in want of a different time.”  He seemed to be drifting again, but his hands kept manipulating the controls.  “Almost there.”
    “But if my body’s back there, and I’m talking to you here, and I can’t feel my legs...oh my God, I’m dead!”
    “No!”  He rushed to reassure her.  “No no no!  You’re very much alive!  But you have a resonance here!”
    “...And you’re flying off to the farthest corner of the galaxy to dump me!” she charged.  “You want me gone!  Don’t deny it, Doctor!”
    “No!  It’s not like that!  I swear!”
    Donna continued to rant.  The Doctor did not bother to defend himself further; instead he waited patiently by the controls.  The ship seemed to groan in understanding. 
    "...going to just leave me there while you go swanning off again, with your ridiculous hair and - oh, I remember your hair!  And the running!  Always running for our lives, and why does that make me so happy?  Mind you, just once it would be nice to sit down to a meal and know it won't be ruined by some monster with eyes in the wrong places, before we've even reached the main course..."
    The Doctor flipped a switch and the doors opened.  Donna’s insults faded into the pulsating orange-chartreuse lights outside.  The Doctor stood in the door of the TARDIS and watched the churning display.
    “I’m sorry, so very, very sorry that I couldn’t keep you here.  You were - you were my best friend.  But every time you speak, it’s like the walls of the TARDIS want to shake apart.  But you will not be without a monument, Donna Noble.  This place will be your monument.  You won’t know what you did for the whole of creation, but the universe will.  And I will never forget everything you did for me.”
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